The objects and textiles presented on this page were produced in collaboration with craftsmen of the Hirokawa region. Available in limited quantities, they offer insights in the hands-on explorations we are carrying out at Bon Voyage 

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Kurume Kasuri Stole

Design by Aki Watanuki

Kurume Kasuri ikat stole/scarf. Warps are tied-dyed before weaving. Also additional colours are spotted-dyed on top of the weft yarns. Using thin yarns makes this fabric especially soft and thin. Fringes are handmade.


Product details
Technique: Kurume Kasuri ikat fabric
Colour: Light blue and green
Materials: Cotton 100%
Size: width 38cm, length 2m
Origin: Hirokawa, Japan
Material partner: Tomohisa Orimono

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